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This is the Genesee River Gorge at the Lower Falls in the city of Rochester, New York.

Title: DrivingParkBridgeIn.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Driving Park Bridge with Kodak's Hawkeye plant on the right. The specs on the banks are many people taking advantage of the dry spell to walk around, fish, and explore.
Title: GeneseeGorgeRuins.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The clearing in the center shows ruins to be found near the Maplewood Park Rose Garden (right after the Driving Park Bridge on the west side). There are many walkways, paths, and trails enjoyed by cyclists, skaters, joggers, and walkers.
Title: GeneseeRiverInFalls.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Most folks get down to the gorge by the access road on the east side. The Genesee River flows north to Lake Ontario.
Title: LowerFallsFromDPB.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The falls from the Driving Park Bridge facing south. That is the Kodak tower above the falls in the background. It is few minutes walk from the Upper Falls of the Genesee River and the heart of the new cultural/entertainment district downtown.
Title: LowerFalls_01.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
A different perspective of the lower falls. Truly stunning in autumn.
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