[Gallery] of London (01)

These pictures of London, England were taken on a whirlwind vacation.

Title: LondonRedCoats01.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Cold Stream guards.
Title: Guards.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Cold Stream Marching Band.
Title: London02.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
This is Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the British Royal Family.
Title: London03.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Picadilly Circus.
Title: LondonArches.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Admiralty Arch.
Title: LondonWBlimp.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
St. Paul's Cathedral from a distance with blimp.
Title: LondonBridge01.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Tower Bridge.
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