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Letchworth State Park...the Grand Canyon of the East in upstate New York.

Title: LetchworthFallsRainbow.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
This spot in Letchworth delights me with a rainbow every time I visit.
Title: RailroadBridge.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
This railroad bridge, I feel, manages to enhance the intrigue of the falls while detracting from the raw beauty.
Title: LetchworthRailBridge.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The view from the top of the bridge gives one a healthy respect for human determination and ingenuity.
Title: LetchworthRainbow.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
This double was a fleeting triple that I was unable to capture.
Title: Letchworth_02.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The object at the top of the falls reminds me of a person, hands on hips, admiring the carving of the water.
Title: Letchworth_01.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Away from the pounding of the falls to a slow, rambling drift.
Title: Letchworth_03.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Grand Canyon of the East. Can you imagine flooding this for hydroelectricity ?! The Iroquois Nation was correct to believe that our actions must be taken with the next seven generations in mind.
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