[Gallery] of Animals (01)

Here are some beasts you won't find everyplace. I must give credit to Daniel Kaleta for the shots of the animals in the car safari. The rest of the animals are in either the Syracuse or Buffalo zoos.

Title: RhinoSleeping_90.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
No, this ham isn't dead. This goes to show Rhinos don't sleep on their feet.
Title: RhinoCharge_90.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
You can't sleep all the day away. Here he is earning his keep (& shaking off some of the dust).
Title: Safari_Giraffe01_96.jpg ©Daniel Kaleta 1997, 1998
Hey! No drooling in the sunroof!
Title: Safari_Giraffe03_96.jpg ©Daniel Kaleta 1997, 1998
And just what are you looking at?
Title: Safari_Monkey01_96.jpg ©Daniel Kaleta 1997, 1998
Let me drive! Let me drive!
Title: SyracuseZooElephant02_89.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Don't worry if you don't have an act, kid. I've got it covered.
Title: SyracuseZooElephant03_89.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
C'mon, let me toss you up in the air and catch you...just once! They love that stuff. Hey, where are you going? I'll make you a star! Come back!
Title: TigerSquat_90.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Here's something you don't see every day.
Title: TigerStalk.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
And don't dare make fun of me or you'll be lunch!
All images are property of Ken Kaleta (or Daniel Kaleta) and reproduction without permission is is not permitted.

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©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998, 1999