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These photographs were taken in 1988 as part of a project intended to give an overall "look and feel" for the city of Rochester, New York. They are in no particular order here (the project was fun).

Title: Rochester_01.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Taken from the Corn Hill area. Pedestrian Bridge crosses I-490 in foreground. An interesting mix of architecture is an understatement.
Title: Rochester_02.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Facing east on West Main Street inside the Inner Loop. Main Street crosses the Genesee River just after the building with the disk on top.
Title: Rochester_04.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Rochester's "skyscrapers." Xerox Square is the dark building in the background on the left. Chase Tower is the one with the White Marble vertical stripes on the right. The buildings are connected by a network of "land bridges" called the Rochester "skyway." Several other buildings (some connected by tunnels) are also part of the skyway.
Title: MidtownPlaza.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Midtown Plaza is the first downtown indoor shopping center, ever. The clock has been the signature of the building for about 30 years, opening every 30 minutes to spin and play a piece of music from one of the different nations featured in each section.
Title: Rochester_05.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Gibbs Street and East Main Street. The building on the right is the Eastman Theater, home of the Eastman School of Music and a breathtaking chandelier. The brick building on the left is the old YMCA. The new YMCA is behind the cement truck. The construction project is finished and is now a building with a variety of shops.
Title: Rochester_06.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
East Main Street and East Avenue and Franklin Street intersection. With streets connecting like this, it's no wonder the buildings are shaped like triangles or have an extra side or more. The building on the left is the Sibley Tower, part of the skyway system. The tall building on the right is really shaped like a triangle. Peeking between the two is old St. Michaels Church, destroyed by fire. It is still a place to reflect and the fountain still works in the summer.
Title: Rochester_08.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Village Gate Square on North Goodman Street. Really a bunch of warehouses under constant renovation, this hodgepodge of shops is really an excellent place to eat, shop, and browse. There is a little bit of everything and a lot of history here. Across the street from the Memorial Art Gallery.
Title: MemorialArtGallery_01_88.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998

Title: MemorialArtGallery_02_88.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Memorial Art Gallery. Sprawling between East Avenue and University Avenue, it is the site of the annual Clothesline Arts Festival, one of several summer events drawing thousands of people for food, fun, crafts, and music. Just a few minutes from downtown, the Xerox and Chase towers can be seen in the background.
Title: ManhattanSquarePark_91.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
Manhattan Square Park is a couple of minutes walk from Midtown Plaza in the heart of the city. It is right next to The Strong Museum (take your kids!), features a playground, skating rink, restaurant, and performance stage in the summer.
Title: Rochester_09.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Little Theater on East Avenue. Now 3 theaters and delicious, ecclectic stuff for the body and the brain.
Title: Rochester_10.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The Strasenburgh Planetarium on East Avenue. Almost always featuring a show shot in 360 degrees along with the regular science, space, astronomy, and comfy chairs. Right next to the Rochester Museum and Science Center.
Title: Rochester_15.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
The mark on the building on the left shows the flood line of the Genesee River some 50 or so years ago (the Army Corps of Engineers have taken great steps to rework the width of the River through the city to prevent this from happening again). The funky looking apartment building on the right is on the other side of the River (and about a minute from Main Street).
Title: Abbotts_88.jpg ©Ken Kaleta 1997, 1998
So, where does all the water from the Genesee River end up? Lake Ontario is at the north end of Rochester, more commonly known as the community of Charlotte. And if you come to Rochester, visit Charlotte Beach (complete with ornate, antique carousel) and get some famous Abbott's frozen custard (across the street from the beach). It doesn't get any better than this.
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