Letchworth State Park...the Grand Canyon of the East in upstate New York.

Title: LetchworthFallsRainbow.jpg
This spot in Letchworth nearly always has a rainbow for me.
Title: RailroadBridge.jpg
This railroad bridge, I feel, manages to enhance the intrigue of the falls while detracting from the raw beauty.
Title: LetchworthRailBridge.jpg
The view from the top of the bridge gives one a healthy respect for human determination and ingenuity.
Title: LetchworthRainbow.jpg
This double rainbow was a fleeting triple that I was unable to capture.
Title: Letchworth_02.jpg
The object at the top of the falls reminds me of a person, hands on hips, admiring the carving of the water.
Title: Letchworth_01.jpg
Away from the pounding of the falls to a slow, rambling drift.
Title: Letchworth_03.jpg
It was once suggested that this area be flooded for hydroelectricity. I am certain our future generations would never forgive us.

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