This is just a hodgepodge of stuff out of the corners of my brain.

Title: BenMonkeyReading.jpg
Despite his hectic career as a stunt monkey double, Ben knows how to kick back & relax.
Title: BoatHitsCarRomeNY92.jpg
Now if this isn't the darndest thing. While I was waiting at a stop sign, a car with boat in tow turned a corner a little too fast. The boat took off down the street and hit a car. Hope he had insurance!
Title: FortNiagra_75.jpg
Back in the 70's the grass really was this green at Fort Niagra.
Title: HorseBuggyDowntown_92.jpg
Traffic can sometimes get slow downtown. You'll enjoy it more in an open carriage.
Title: LittlestSears_89.jpg
Yup, this Sears department store is really there. I don't think the town was big enough to have a sign with its name on it.
Title: RoadSkyCloudsLandscape.jpg
A very peaceful day. You may recognize this image from the file format case study in the Image section of the HTML stuff.
Title: SunsetOverClouds1_92.jpg
Taken from an airplane window. Better in person but the subject is hard to outshine.
Title: SunsetOverClouds2_92.jpg
Another airplane shot of clouds. Simply breathtaking.
Title: SunThroughLeaves.jpg
I have spent a lot of time hanging out in trees (ask Ben, above). I like how this point & shoot turned out.
Title: Thadeus&PokoPusskins_81.jpg
A couple of cats I knew.
Title: T-Rex_RMSC_94.jpg
This exhibit was at the Rochester Museum & Science Center for a while. He never did catch that dinosaur.

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